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YO okay I made icons for the first time ever! Thirty-two icons, in fact, of Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz motherfucking queen bitches from Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is one of the best shows ever. Why isn't it more popular, come on you guys, it's the best. First of all it's got an ensemble cast with a lot of diversity, second Rosa is a tough-as-nails badass who doesn't have a tragic backstory and just--well, is, and also one of the main characters is a gay black captain in charge of the precinct who is incredibly awesome. Another is Terry Jeffords who is the cutest ever he literally tries to build a fairy princess castle for his baby girls but he can also be very scary. He made sergeant for a reason.

...aaaand I'm rambling. Basically: watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And RP from it too, I am very lonely and also play Rosa at [personal profile] throwyouinjail. I will make you icons if you want to RP from it too, in fact. I will.

32 icons - all of Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, episodes 1 and 2


you make your own destiny. )
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I need to use this journal more often.


STID spoilers aka WHY. )


In other news, HANNIBAL HAD BETTER BE RENEWED. I don't think I've watched a show legally, on cable, every week or so since Encantadia, and that aired waaaaay back in...2003? 2004? Whatevs. But yeah, this is an amazing and epic show and it is on the verge of cancellation, apparently, wtf NBC wtf.

It's exploded on Tumblr, holy shit. I'm so proud of you tiny little fandom, I am so proud.


I need to stop being distracted by shiny new things on Tumblr and start in on actually making it halfway through my big bang fic and also TAGS at [community profile] savetheearth. And apps for Grantaire and Korra.


...hey I've been added! /waves

To celebrate the occasion, here's a writing meme I used to do a lot on Tumblr: I have a list of, in no particular order, fifteen characters. Comment with a scenario and at least two numbers from 1 to 15 (i.e. "2 and 12 are stuck in an elevator" or "7 and 4 are road-tripping to 9's wedding, what shenanigans do they get up to", though it can be more complicated than that) and I'll write you a fic!
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trope_bingo card under cut )
sharing a bed mistletoe kiss fake relationship au: were / vamp / supernatural fuck or die
handcuffed / bound together accidental baby acquisition truth or dare secret child au: all-human
snowed in secret relationship FREE

day at the beach rivals to lovers
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Currently writing a Merlin/SPN crossover where Sam is King Arthur's reincarnation, Dean's got enough ammo to last him centuries, and Merlin is frustrated.


“So let me get this straight,” Dean said, as they were loading up the trunk. “Your ex called you, in the middle of the night, to ask you to look for a friend of hers.”

“Yeah,” Sam replied.

“And it just so happens, he’s probably in a cave.”

“She said so.”

Dean folded his arms. “And that cave’s a hot spot for freaky stuff.”

“It’s why she called,” Sam said, his hand settling on the hilt of the sword.

“Is it just me, or does this smell fishier than the Pacific Ocean?”

Sam leveled a look at him, and said, “We can trust her.” He sounded so certain, so sure, that Dean couldn’t help but think about Ruby.

But there was nothing he could do to sway his little brother from his course, not when Sam was so set on rescuing this guy from whatever horrible thing was holding him in that freaky-ass cave. All he could do was make sure Sam stayed on the right path and didn’t get himself killed. He’d screwed that job up before, and god, he wasn’t about to do it again now.

“So, Princess,” Dean said instead, using the nickname he’d picked up after hours of research, “where’s this cave of wonders?”

It's at 4,000+ words already, holy shit. I had no idea I could be that productive when I felt like it.


Argh, school sucks so very much. Luckily there's [community profile] netherworld_academy, which is quite possibly the only RP where Korra and Hit Girl strike up a friendship. Also, the only one where Sam rescues a magical girl from a crowd.

Am kind of losing my enthusiasm for [community profile] mayfield_rpg. I really want to stay in till the end, but I'm tempted to drop as well. Which sucks, because I've been there almost two years, which is a good deal longer than most of the other games I've been in. I'm just...a bit tired, I guess. Miku's been the muse I've been playing the longest now, and lately I've been stuck in a rut with her.

...but I don't want to drop.


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FEELS FEELS FEELS and SPN spoilers coupled with ASOIAF Book 3 spoilers and FEELS )


So I told my friend, who's just finished Mark of Athena today, the idea the ending had set off for my brain.

She said "go for it!" And then asked me if I could let her read it, afterwards.

...UM. I'LL. I'LL JUST FINISH IT FIRST IF I EVER DO. It's not even a concrete idea whyyyyy.
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Hoooooly crap.

spoilers for Mark of Athena! )


So I was apparently appointed to be an usherette at my school? Good, really, save for the fact that I am allergic to responsibility. Which is why I am curling up and eating chips while watching SPN and having feels. And then breaking it up with the occasional Merlin.

Merlin is my happy place. Which says something about my interests, really.


It is my birthday. I am one year older. Whoopadeedooda. /mechanical clapping

Seriously, I'm just glad I'm alive. Also, that I have the proper Season 7 DVDs. SAMMYYYYYYYY.

And woooow, Supernatural has eaten my brain.
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My kingdom for a zombie apocalypse!Korrasami fic. Or anything involving Korra and Asami kissing and being badass ladies together, really. Mako's great and all, and Bolin is really sweet, but holy crap Korrasami has snatched up my heart and run away with it cackling.

Or, really, any Korrasami fic at all.

Why is my femslash OTP so rare to find anywhere, WHY. (and now I wanna RP it /cries)


I think that, aside from femslash, my heart has been stolen away by cute (and occasionally hilarious) AUs, like, say, coffeeshops and college and bands. I wrote a band!AU for Korrasami once, that's how much I've fallen in love with cute AUs. And since borrowing John Green's Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines from my friend and reading them both through I've had a particular taste for cute road trips.

But at the same time, I've also wanted to read a zombie apocalypse fic so very badly. Blame it on Max Brooks' World War Z, since it's so realistic it actually scares me (and nowadays it takes a lot to do that *coughSPNcough*). I think it's the way the book shows that there's no such thing as a quick end to the zombie apocalypse? There's always going to be effects.

To that end, I've. Kind of written out a scenario where two people get thrown together into a road trip by the dead rising again, thus combining cute and HOLY SHIT ZOMBIES in one fic. It'll be a crossover fic if I go with SPN, since Sam and Dean's lives + zombie apocalypse = another day at the office with added dead people. (Probably with Teen Wolf? I mean, Scott/Allison is one of my top ships, sorry to Sterek shippers, but I am very willing to explore either Allison or Scott with one of the Winchesters.)

And if it isn't SPN, it's most likely Korrasami. Because dude, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ROAD TRIP.


Bought Mark of Athena, A Clash of Kings and American Gods a while ago. Cannot cope with the feels, and I haven't finished any of them. Furthest I've gone is with American Gods: I'm 200+ pages in, and Christ, I am sobbing, oh Laura, oh Shadow.
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Post-Mayfield AU for Sam! All you need to know: he forgot Mayfield. Only, those memories are buried deep, deep down inside of him, and occasionally he dreams about them. (And then they got bricked up behind the Great Wall of Sam and come flooding right back with the Hell memories and the soulless memories after Cas brings it down.)

Title: a litany of dreams that happens somewhere in the middle
Summary: There's a lot more that Sam doesn't remember than anyone thinks.
Rating: Um, PG-13? And spoilers up until S6, and assumptions.

We are all going forward. None of us are going back. )
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/crawls into a corner to weep


So, there's one plot bunny that, no matter what I do, keeps niggling at my head. You know how Charlie said "This isn't the first time I've had to disappear"? Well, somehow, my brain took note of her hair color and her badassery and presented me with an image of Princess Merida.

My sanity said: "wtf. THAT DOESN'T EVEN COMPUTE."

My imagination replied with: "SHUT UP, IT TOTALLY DOES."

So now I've scribbled down three or four pages worth of Merida turning into Charlie. I'd write more, but my research-fu sucks and I kind of go into a depression if I read about World War II (which is why it's a very brief section and ow ow ow ow, Anne Frank whyyy), so.

I will like. Upload it to AO3 and Tumblr when I have the chance to get it off the iPad and up on the Internet.

Meanwhile I will just cry over here.
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Hello, first bingo challenge. I SHALL CONQUER YOU.

...also this is a mega crossover, because hell yes crossovers. Featuring some of my favorite fandoms, because hell yes pirates. Less hell yes-y is the fact that this is something of a work in progress.

Title: A-Piratin' We Go
Summary: "...oh, please tell me I didn't get kidnapped by pirates." OR, How the secretary wakes up on a pirate ship.
Rating: It's T, and we'll leave it at that.

The next day, he wakes up at sea. )

sob whyyy

Jan. 29th, 2012 08:29 pm
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So guess who just got addicted to Discworld.

Because clearly I need more British authors in my life. Good Omens, this is your fault.

Anyway, I just read through Men At Arms and Feet Of Clay when I started to wonder, what would happen if it was set in Sternbild. And then I wondered how Barnaby and Kotetsu would do in the Watch. And then I wondered if Vetinari would be one of those big-shots who's heck of a lot more powerful than the Mayor. And then I glanced at my magical girls mega crossover universe (also known as The Roulettes) and realized I wanted to write them, only as Watchmen. Or cops. And keep the magical elements of the Disc while combining it with Sternbild and a bunch of other canons.

Kotetsu and Barnaby would probably just. Be cops during the one-year timeskip because first of all, Kotetsu wanted to be able to still save people even if he wasn't a Hero anymore (and Barnaby would follow because goddammit, he is Kotetsu's aibou), and second, Kotetsu couldn't muster up the courage to say no to Carrot Ironfoundersson. (I imagine the conversation goes like this: "You signed us up for the City Watch?!" "Carrot asked me! Really nicely, too! I couldn't say no!")

And Vimes would still be his cynical bastard self, only somewhat more modern. And loads more cynical, because of the presence of Hero TV and all that nice stuff.

I may tl;dr on this on Tumblr soon, just you wait.
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oh dear god what has my tumblr wrought. AHEM. Anyway, these are all safe for work! Mostly. There are undercurrents of gay and crack and AU's and angst and stuff, but I don't really write anything explicit. Also there is no order.

Title: Scenes and Snippets
Summary: i. Kotetsu, that's not your Barnaby...
ii. "No, seriously, Bunny. Magic."
iii. "Who's Bunny?"
iv. The criminal is a little too familiar.
v. An outsider's view of the relationship between Kotetsu and Barnaby.
vi. The worst thing he has to deal with is that Kotetsu doesn't remember him.
vii. It's raining, and Kotetsu doesn't have an umbrella.
Rating: T?

i. through the mirror )

ii. nothing's what it seems )

iii. lost in the dark )

iv. out in the cold )

v. all but married )

vi. the worst thing about being forgotten )

vii. dancing in the rain )
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All right, as we all know, Christmas is approaching! And since I'm in a writing mood, why not try this?


The rules are simple:

1. Prompt me! As a note, I can write anything for any of the fandoms listed below, even crossovers. The only thing I won't write is smut, so, sorry for those who wanted some?
2. I write drabbles for you!
3. Everyone profits!

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LJ is being a twit, so I'm going to write all my fics here, in Tumblr, in AO3 and, if the mood so strikes me, in instead. This fic is a fill for a prompt that asked for amnesiac!Kotetsu in a relationship with someone else, but I decided to take a few liberties with it and created this.

Hope you like it!

Title: Homecoming
Chapter Title: Setting Things In Motion
Summary: A while ago, Barnaby lost his partner, Tiger lost his memory, Mao lost his way home, and Laharl lost someone he cared for very much. Now Harry Dresden's stumbled on this case by way of Tiger, and with his arrival, there may be a way to find all those lost things again.

Too bad someone else has another idea...
Rating: T, for Mao and gay subtext.

I'm going home, to the place where I belong )


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